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[Kingkey Group] New Employee Training 2021 and "Jingying Program" Opening Ceremony Successfully Held

The socially recruited new employee training of Kingkey Group 2021, i.e., "Jingying Program", was held in the 5/F conference room of The St. Regis Shenzhen on November 18-19 and divided into the opening ceremony, ice-breaking activity, cultural development, course learning, team fit-into, and closing ceremony. A total of 51 new employees from the Group Headquarters, Kingkey Real Estate, Kingkey Banner, and Kingkey Property Management participated in the "Jingying Program" training, and Ms. Chen Jiaxian, Assistant to Group Chairman, and Ms. Chen Jiahui, Assistant to Group President, separately attended the opening ceremony and closing ceremony.

(Fig. 1: Group Photo of All Participants of "Jingying Program")

Kingkey Group's "Jingying Program" is launched in order to further standardize the training management of the new social employees recruited by the Group and the subsidiaries and help the new employees become fully familiar with the business of the Group and the subsidiaries, gain an in-depth understanding of the vision, mission and values of the Group, and understand more clearly the position development direction and goal so that they soon fit into the company and get into and become competent for their positions.

(Fig. 2: About "Jingying Program")

The "Jingying Program" closely combines theme sharing with trainee exchanges and adopts training forms such as guidance technology, interactive and experiential teaching, game participation, group PK, and class project system, to make the training more targeted and the training program operation more systematic.

The opening ceremony of the "Jingying Program" consisted of sharing by the new employee representatives, flag presentation, project introduction, ice breaking, and cultural development, where the training team members employed various training techniques to teach through lively and fun activities, break down the walls between trainees, create groups and class culture, and help trainees to devote themselves.

(Fig. 3: "Jingying Program" Opening Ceremony)

The two-day "Jingying Program" focused on the training objectives and goals, matched teaching methods with trainees, and led trainees to learn from four dimensions including strategy, culture, business, and cognition. The lecturers prepared their lessons carefully and taught seven lessons including Kingkey Brand Development History, Four Beams and Eight Columns of Kingkey Culture, Overview of Kingkey Real Estate & Banner & Property Management, Bottom-line Principles of Kingkey, Efficient Work of New Employees, Guidelines on Borrowing and Expense Reimbursement of New Employees, and Fire Safety for New Employees, where they sorted out the knowledge, restored the application scenarios, and promoted trainees to apply what they learned using diverse methods such as PPT explanations, case analysis, videos, practical exercises, and interactive Q&A.

(Fig. 4: "Jingying Program" Learning)

In the meantime, in order to build a class cultural circle and create a good overall learning atmosphere for the "Jingying Program", there's a team fit-into activity specially added to the "Jingying Program", where games to connect the team were held and point incentives were given during the learning process to strengthen collaboration and communication within the team, enhance the participation atmosphere within the class, and form common cognition of the class collective.

(Fig. 5: Team Fit-into of "Jingying Program")

In the closing ceremony of the "Jingying Program", Ms. Chen Jiaxian, Assistant to Group Chairman, and Ms. Chen Jiahui, Assistant to Group President, jointly revealed the "Jingying Program Excellent Team", "Jingying Program Excellent Trainee", and "Jingying Program Class Committee Appointment" and presented the certificates of honor as special guests.

(Fig. 6: "Jingying Program" Closing Ceremony)

After two days of intense and orderly learning and exchanges in the "Jingying Program", Class 1 - "We Love Our Class" of the "Jingying Program" was formally established, where six teams, i.e., "First-rate Team", "Shenzhen Idol Team", "Amazing Team", "Yes Team", "Forever 18 Team", and "Wonderful Team", united and collaborated to jointly complete all the learning of this training. With this, the first session of the "Jingying Program" came to a successful conclusion. This two-day training was only the first-phase training of the "Jingying Program", and the subsequent advanced training will focus on the role change, job competency, etc. of the new employees, where more collisions of wisdom with the trainees are expected, to jointly promote the "Jingying Program".

Newspaper by Class 1 "We Love Our Class" of "Jingying Program"

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