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[Kingkey Group] Kingkey Group Wins the Best City Operator Award 2021

The Time Forum of China Real Estate 2021 hosted by Guangdong Times Media Group was held in Guangzhou on November 16, where Kingkey Group won the "Best City Operator Award 2021" by virtue of its outstanding city operations capability and excellent comprehensive strength and performance, adding luster to the brilliant development history of Kingkey Group.

Kingkey Group Winning the Best City Operator Award 2021

Participating in the rounds of selection together with strong integrated real estate enterprises from across the country, Kingkey Group's winning of the "Best City Operator Award 2021" shows the industry's affirmation of Kingkey Group's outstanding results in promoting urban development, etc. since its establishment.

Committed to building an all-media communication platform that integrates newspapers and magazines, new media, brand activities, and book publication, Guangdong Times Media Group operates The Time Weekly, Time News, New Weekly, etc., with a media matrix that reaches more than 500 million people every year and a cumulative number of users of 100 million. The "Time Top 100 of China Real Estate" is launched by Guangdong Times Media Group to comprehensively show the current development situation of excellent real estate enterprises in China with detailed data, scientific grading, and excellent cases and set up benchmarks for real estate enterprises, in order to motivate them to pursue their dreams on the road of scientific development.

Site of the Time Forum of China Real Estate 2021

As the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the pilot demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics proceeds, Kingkey Group has been doing city construction and operations with a forward-looking approach in Shenzhen, the heart of China's early reform and opening up. During its steady development, Kingkey Group upholds the corporate core values of "Responsibility as Foundation and Innovation as Soul", actively responds to the national policies, conducts business from the positioning of creating a better life for people, and complies with the industry development trends, with an industrial distribution where "the real estate industry is focused on and agriculture, commerce, finance, technology, culture, and other related industries are developed at the same time" to provide full services for the real economy of society and the material and spiritual life of people.

In the future, Kingkey Group will continue to adhere to the basic philosophy of responsibility and innovation, stay true to its original aspiration, keep pace with the times, contribute to urban renewal and upgrading, support and practice the future development strategy of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area by concrete action, and dedicate itself to the better life of the whole people. (Article by Liang Xue, Brand Management Center, Kingkey Group, photo by Fu Rongfeng, Brand Management Center, Kingkey Group)

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